Voices Request Guide

Here’s a quick overview of Voices’ request process for child protective investigators, case managers and other community partners:

Contact Us: 727-275-0066  [email protected]

Guideline FAQ’s (in alphabetical order):

Beds for Children

Please make sure to provide the most up-to-date address and phone number for the caregivers to ensure the beds arrive ASAP.  Beds can be provided to parents, relative & non-relative caregivers and Level 1 Licensed Foster Homes.  If the children move placements, the beds must follow them. All sleeping arrangements must meet any safety plans for the children, and all children on top bunks must be at least 6 years old.  When beds are provided for reunification with parents, the parents must be found case plan compliant and their home study should be approved except for the need for beds to go into the home.

Case Plan Tasks

Voices cannot provide assistance to parents or children for court-ordered case plan tasks that are funded through dependency case management referrals, such as psychological testing or counseling.  Voices cannot provide support for ongoing expenses such as rent or utilities unless specific grant funding has been secured to support that need.  If such funding is secured, all partner organizations will be contacted with an announcement that those funds are avaialbel.


Please check out the Style Voiced Clothing Program when you identify a need for clothes.  If the sizes and items you need are not available, we are glad to provide clothes when you list the sizes and clothing types your kids need.  We have a budget for clothing items, but there is flexibility if you’re requesting a birthday or holiday present.

Court Fees

Voices assists with court fees for delinquency matters for teens preparing to age out of foster care under limited circumstances in partnership with the Public Defender’s Office Crossover Division.  If you are a member of the Crossover Division or if you are serving a teen who owes fees but who is not yet being served by the Crossover Division, please contact Voices with any questions.

Delivery & Pickup of Items

If items are available for local pickup, Voices will place an order in the requester’s name at a nearby store.  If items are unavailable and must be shipped, we ask you to confirm with the family if items can be safely sent to the home or if they need to be sent to you, the requester.  Please also ask if the household has any special delivery instructions Voices should provide in the order.

Emergency Requests

If you have an emergency request that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent children from entering into foster care or to prevent children from potentially losing access to an opportunity, please submit your request as usual and also contact Voices staff immediately with deadline information to ensure the request is reviewed as soon as possible.  Please contact both [email protected] and [email protected] in those circumstances.

Extracurricular Activities

We ask requesters to identify all activities and provide a brochure, link or unpaid invoice with info about the requested activity.  Voices will only provide reimbursement to caregivers if they have paid enrollment fees to secure a place for the child and the request is made within 30 days of the child starting the activity.

Level 1 Licensing Items

Voices will provide items necessary to help relative or non-relative caregivers become licensed for the specific children in their home.  Commonly requested items include fire extinguishers, first aid kits, escape ladders for 2-story homes and pool safety equipment.



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